History and Culture

Snowdonia and North Wales have so much culture to explore. We’ve tried to round up a few of the local options to Cae Gwyn but there are quite literally hundreds more. Here we have castle visits, underground labyrinths, Italian designed villages, food and music festivals and a new take on alternative technology.

Cultural things to do in Snowdonia

North Wales is not short of History offerings and King Arthur’s Labrynth – the underground storytelling adventure does not disappoint. 30 minutes from Cae Gwyn.

Cultural things to do in Snowdonia

With over 600 (!) castles, you won’t have to travel far to find one. From royal castles, defence castles and ‘Faux-castles’ – built for show rather than defence.

Port Meirion

Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, the eccentric architect who created the Italian style village of Portmeirion on the North Wales coast, between 1925 and 1975 and is now owned by a charitable trust.

centre for alternative technology

With a focus on offering practical solutions to a zero-carbon world, CAT (Centre for Alternative Technology) offers different tours and activities to suit the whole family. 30 minutes from Cae Gwyn.

festivals in north wales

North Wales is no stranger to hosting some of the UK’s best festivals; from music to food to walking.

food festivals in north wales

Of course, food deserves a special mention! iconic food festivals across North Wales can be found here.