Camping and Farm Rules

Our opening hours for admission are midday to 4pm, however we are around from 8am until 5pm for any queries you might have. We would be grateful if you could respect our opening hours especially after 5pm, as the farmhouse is our home with two small children. Please ring the bell at the bottom of the front steps for attention rather than walk straight into the farmhouse.

Please do not erect tents or take cars into our camping fields before you have checked in at the farmhouse.

In wet conditions vehicles are not allowed on the camping fields so you will be asked to park your car in the car park.

For the sake of other campers, please inform us immediately of any problem with our facilities i.e. showers, toilets, basins, etc..

Please do not put loose rubbish in the green wheelie bins. If you need bin bags please ask at the farmhouse.

Please do not throw away used gas canisters in the bins, and take home large unwanted/broken items i.e. chairs/ tables/ barbecues/ inflatable beds etc.
 as you will otherwise be charged for safe disposal.

You are welcome to use portable and reusable barbeques with stand, but please ensure that they are approximately 20cm off the ground to avoid scorching the grass. Please do not bring disposable barbecues, to help reduce the volume of refuse. We usually have some BBQs available to use, please ask.

All wastewater is discharged to our farmland, so please use environmentally-friendly (and biodegradable where possible) products in the washroom/showers, and please use the washing-up liquid and soap/hand-soap provided.

Please follow the one-way system on the farm and ensure that the gates are closed at all times. If there is a problem with the gate i.e. does not shut properly, please let us know immediately. Please do not swing on any gates on the farm.

Please keep the noise level down in early mornings and late afternoons for the sake of other campers.

Please do not climb stone walls or remove stones from them as they are a historic heritage of the farm which have been preserved through centuries.

During warm weather: in order to avoid midges, it is best not to leave your tent unzipped, and those who are sensitive to them should take extra precautions. If you need midge spray we are stockists for ‘Smidge’.

When using the shower/toilet next to the B&B entrance after 10 pm and before 8 am, please be as quiet as you can, there may be people trying to sleep in the room above you.

When using the campers’ washing-up room after 10 pm and before 8 am, please be as quiet as you can, there may be people sleeping in the camping barn above you.